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Spring 2015 call for submissions!

(ETA 08 Feb 2015: Translucent is on hold indefinitely.)

"I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality." —Frida Kahlo

Translucent is an Internet magazine meant to celebrate art in all media and queer and trans people in all our complexity.

Media we are willing to publish:
* Literally anything that can be transmitted over the Internet

This includes, in no particular order, and the list is nonexhaustive:
* Prose fiction
* Prose nonfiction
* Poetry
* Scripts
* Screenplays
* Digital paintings
* Digitized paintings
* Drawings
* Comics
* ASCII art
* Photographs
* Animated video
* Live-action video
* Spoken word
* Lyrical song
* Instrumental song
* Sheet music
* Nail art designs
* Body art designs
* Crochet patterns
* Knitting patterns
* Sewing patterns
* Counted cross-stitch patterns
* Recipes
* Reviews of other art

People we are willing to publish:
* Anyone who is queer, trans, or elsewhere in the QUILTBAG acronym

This includes people who are:
* Queer
* Questioning their sexuality or gender
* Undecided as to their sexuality or gender
* Intersex
* Lesbian
* Transgender
* Bisexual or pansexual
* Asexual or somewhere on the ace spectrum
* Gay
* Genderqueer
* Not in the acronym, but not heterocis either, including but not limited to people who are hijra, two-spirit, mahu, bulldagger...

QUILTBAG people whom we specifically encourage to submit art:
* women
* nonbinary people
* people of color
* disabled people
* poor and working-class people
* people with a non-US perspective
* people with a non-Christian perspective
* young or old people
* rural people
* fat people
* people who do or have done sex work
* people who are or have been imprisoned

Submissions need not have queer or trans themes. Please keep the content work-safe.

There is no minimum size for a submission. There is no set maximum size either, but in the interest of maximizing the number of contributions per issue, please keep pieces to a reasonable size. There is also no maximum number of submissions.

The theme for the Spring 2015 issue is Hope. If you want to think ahead to later issues, the Summer 2015 theme is Struggle, the Autumn 2015 theme is Self-Reliance, and the Winter 2015 theme is Truth.

Email all submissions to translucentzine at gmail dot com, with the subject line beginning "SUBMISSION SPRING 2015" (or swap out 'spring' if you're submitting for a later issue). Please include the name you wish to publish under, a 50-100-word bio, and (optional but strongly preferred) your demographics with respect to queer/transness and the list of marginalized groups above.

Textual submissions should be attached to the email in .doc, .docx, or .odt format. Image submissions should be attached to the email in .png or .jpg format. Any other medium being submitted, or any submission that is too large to attach to an email, don't attach but do comment on this in the email; we'll work something out. Publication name, bio, and demographics should be in the body of the email.

The pay rate, assuming the upcoming Kickstarter funds, will be $0.06/word for prose submissions. For submissions in other media, payment is to be determined. If the Kickstarter does not fund, we still want to make this magazine happen, but submissions may be withdrawn with no hard feelings—we strongly believe artists should be paid, and that no art should be free unless the artist personally chooses to publish it for free.

The submission deadline for the Spring 2015 issue is 22 February 2015. Acceptances and rejections will go out after that date.

Translucent welcomes you.